How did I get into the Cigar Business?

Years ago in early 2007, looking to get out of my real job, I picked up a newspaper and flipped to the Business Opportunity page. There I found an ad highlighting "Own  a Cigar Distributorship". Wanting to own a personal business, I thought that was a real unique idea. So I rolled with it.... 

Having smoked an occasional cigar when traveling to beach destinations, this led me to research the idea of creating my own cigar business. The research involved such things as licenses, fees, a multitude of different products, possibilities, and the beginning of a new career!

As time went by, I began acquiring additional distribution locations carrying multiple cigar lines. I eventually worked with many cigar companies to collaborate my own cigar line, known today as the STL Especial

Due to requests for a cigar roller at special events, such as weddings, golf tournaments, and Cigar & Whiskey nights, I began a fascination with the process of cigar rolling. I slowly started collecting tools and pieces of the puzzle to play with cigar blending and rolling. I visited many cigar factories in the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Nicaragua.  I watched artists create some of the best cigars in the world. As the months turned into years, I spent much time practicing rolling cigars and trying different blends of tobacco. My cigar rolling has taken my business to new heights. There's no special occasion to small or too large... be creative like me. 

Scott Biancardi

Owner, STL Cigars, LLC 

Home of the STL Especial